Watering is an agronomic technical gesture

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Agronomic control of watering and roots recovery

  • Minisense©, the autonomous station

    Minisense©, the autonomous station

    Minisense®, entirely developed by Urbasense, automatically measures the water available at the roots:
    - Data acquisition.
    - Recording and automatic transmission.
    - Adaptable measurement frequency.

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  • Agronomic control service

    Agronomic control service

    For each project, monitor the water situation of your plants and the quality of the watering carried out :
    - Via a secure site.
    - Via a dedicated app.

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  • Tensiometry and tensiometer probes

    Tensiometry and tensiometer probes

    Tensiometry continuously monitor the soil moisture status to determine the available amount of soil water for plants.
    Tensiometer sensor, such as Watermark®measure the water pressure value of the ...

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