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  • Park and flower boxes.

    Park and flower boxes.

Optimize your tours with a discreet service.

A tour adapted to the strictest requirements

Reduce water quantity, for a responsible watering: you rely on indicators and quantitative data attesting the water needs of plants.

Make your tour more reliable: reduce team mobilization, make travel more profitable with watering recommendations based on actual water needs measurements.

Make the water comfort of plants reliable

Avoid the water excess: The measure of hydric tension of soil (tensiometer sensor) enable Urbasense to alert you in case of water excess.

Prevent the hydric stress: You have daily informations on the hydric comfort and receive a weekly optimized water intake recommendation.

An easy use and an invisible device

A simple, practical and discreet set up: our sensors (invisibles) are buried in the substrate of the planters. Wireless and no telecom subscription.

The Urbasense team work with you to ensure: the maintenance and the reparations on our stations and all the communication costs of our sensors are include in our contract.

A simple, practical and economical service

Urbasense allow a more responsible watering, with an all inclusive service:

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Understand the equipment : some details

What is the autonomy of your sensors?

It increases every months. Today it is between 18 to 24 months. In concrete terms, we carry out an annual maintenance that includes a change of batteries.

How your sensors communicate?

Several telecommunication technologies are used depending of the availibility of networks at each place : GSM, SigFox, LoRA. Wifi and bluetooth are not use today for practical and energy reasons.

Are your sensors guaranteed?

Yes. Our sensors are guaranteed for the contract duration when there are rented (global functioning guarantee). They are guaranteed two years when they are sold.

What is your perspective on the reliability of your sensors?

The first sensors were deployed at the end of 2014 and still operational on the ground. More broadly speaking, we assemble and test our stations and we keep control on the assembly line, it’s a critical point for sensors reliability.

Understanding the service: some details

How are calculated the watering doses and frequencies that you recommend?

To establish our recommendations, we lean on the orientation and size of flower boxes. It’s the estimation of optimal doses of each watering.
For the frequency, we estimate the number of remaining days before the hydric stress of plant. For this calculation we consider a set of criteria such as the hydric behavior, the rain sensibility, or the weather forecasts. A weekly email summarize the watering preconisations.

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